With even Dieter Rams admitting his relentless pursuit of form and function contributed to the world’s overconsumption – the time is now to consider and evaluate design from all viewpoints.

Melbourne Design Week offers Melbourne’s growing design community a chance to celebrate their achievements but also to reflect on how and why we do the work that we do. This year’s theme raises the question: if design is shaping the future, is it the best possible future, and for whom?

This theme opened up some interesting questions for the team at Paper Giant – our response was to focus on care, and how care affects the ways we are able to shape futures through design.

So this year we’re preparing to open our doors to over 300 people – from practitioners to passers-by – by hosting and running 5 events between the 14th and 22nd of March.

Three of those events are part of the programme, one is a session being run by us free of charge for individuals in the public and not–for–profit sectors and one is on the other side of the globe.

All of them are about us creating the room and space to talk to each other, to care for each other and to support the design community as a whole to take responsibility for the futures we create through our work.


18 March
Wonderlab – The Worlds We Live In – MDW

19 March
Communities of Care – MDW

20 March
Co-Design for Social Innovation

21-24 March
Making Space presents Making Sense – MDW

22 March
RSA.org.uk – Systems Change Chats


It’s a busy week for us but to borrow words shared by Matt Wicking:

"We meet at a time when the human species is having an unprecedented impact on the planet."
"...the discussions we have here, the decisions we make and any actions we take as a result will have consequences for other people and other species - both those living now as well as future generations."

We remind ourselves of this when we host our communities, and Paper Giant, for one, is optimistic about the power of conversation and the ability of design to shape prosperous futures for everyone.

And we hope that you’ll join us.