On Thursday 17 September 2020 we facilitated the successful online event Untangling complexity with Systems Thinking for the Service Design Canberra meetup group. 

Dr Reuben Stanton, Managing Director at Paper Giant spoke about systems thinking and it’s value for seeing the big picture. Paper Giant was humbled to be awarded the 2020 Gold in the Social Impact category for ‘Supporting Justice’, in collaboration with RMIT’s Centre for Innovative Justice (CIJ) -  Reuben talked through the approach that Paper Giant took in mapping the Victorian criminal justice system, and how it has been used to fundamentally change how people with disability are treated.

In the following activity, Priyanka Kaul, Lead Service Designer at Paper Giant demonstrated the first practical steps of mapping a system and how participants can get started on creating their own maps.

Check out the slide deck or view the miro board