Illustration by Wendy Fox

Originally when I was asked to write an introduction for this week’s newsletter I had grand plans to talk about the role of design in strategic leadership. Given the events of the past few weeks, that simply doesn’t feel very relevant anymore. 

While adjusting to working within this new paradigm, topics such as community, care and continuity have been at the front of my mind.

Hence, I have decided that I will use this opportunity to remind business leaders of the importance of taking care of our contractor workforce in the current economic climate.

I have been worried about the many contractors I know since the pandemic hit our shores. I have been checking in on their welfare and state of mind and when I do, I can hear the fear and uncertainty in their voice. I can sense their anxiety and stress. I do my best to reassure them, but that gesture can only go so far. 

All I can do is ask those of you reading this who have the power to hire and fire to consider your contract workers during these difficult times. Fight the urge to cast them away or not use them at all. After all, if you don’t look after your contractors in their time of need, you may not have the same dedicated and trustworthy pool to draw from when times are good again.

— Ernez Dhondy and the PG Team

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