Our second collaborator for Diversity in the innovative ecosystem is Calvin Cordle from NAB. This free, hands-on workshop will help you foster diversity and inclusion in your own workplace.

Calvin has worked in large and institutional banking for nearly two decades. As Regional Customer Executive at NAB, he runs a team of 175 business and private bankers across Melbourne.

Calvin has a degree in psychology, which he believes is a more useful qualification in large organisations than any business or finance degree. An ‘accidental banker’, he has a passion for making a difference through purpose-driven, compassionate leadership.

Calvin, why is diversity and inclusion important to you?

Fairness. Evidence shows that businesses with greater diversity and inclusion perform better on most metrics but I think performance is a secondary benefit. I believe we have a responsibility to strive towards greater fairness in the workplace.

Where do you feel the work you are doing in this space has had the most impact?

Gender diversity is a key challenge in banking. I often see women get sidelined for not ‘fitting in’ or for being too modest about their skills. With the support and influence of female leaders (consistently the best people leaders I have had) I have used the influence of my leadership positions to make space for gender diversity.

Where would you recommend people look for resources to build their practice and understanding of this topic?

There are plenty of great processes and policies. Most large organisations have heaps of them, which you can probably get hold of quite easily. But the key is to find mentors and role models who can help you implement cultural change. This is hard but the only way to deliver real change.

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This event is part of Melbourne Knowledge Week, 20–26 May 2019, proudly presented by the City of Melbourne. Paper Giant is hosting this event in partnership with Committee for Melbourne.