Last week was a big week for the studio. We hosted four major events – with three included in the NGV’s Melbourne Design Week programme – and had over 300 people through the doors. Looking back on it, there’s still a lot to digest, but in the meantime, here are a few quick thoughts and some highlights from our panel discussion – Communities of Care.

There’s more to care and community than a dedicated day for checking in on those around you, or even a week of events hosted by your friendly neighbourhood Paper Giants. As co-facilitator Jaskaran Singh Bawa rightfully pointed out on Tuesday night, it’s about continuing a conversation.

Panelist Lina Patel was quick to add an important dimension, namely that “Caring is a learned skill. It's not that some of us are great of it and some aren’t – some of us are just more practiced.”

With those two things in mind, we want to thank everyone who took part in our collection of events last week, from making worlds to Making Sense, and from bringing people into the design process and caring for them while they’re here.

We've got a lot to think about as the year continues to ramp up, including the responsibility we have to care for our communities, our peers and each other.

However, Leander Kreltszheim might have given us all our first step with the timely advice, “Please remember to fit your own oxygen mask before helping others.”

We’ll be sitting with these thoughts over the next few months, and we invite you to join us the next time we get together to talk about design and our roles as designers in the world. Email us if you want to chat, or sign up to our newsletter and we’ll let you know what’s on.

– Ryley Lawson